soft [ sɔft ] adjective ***
▸ 1 not stiff/firm/rough
▸ 2 gentle/pleasant
▸ 3 kind/sympathetic/gentle
▸ 4 not difficult
▸ 5 about water
1. ) a soft substance is easy to press or shape and is not hard or firm:
George tripped, falling into the soft mud.
soft cheese
a ) a soft material or surface is one that is pleasant to touch and not rough or stiff:
I want to get a nice soft carpet for the bedroom.
Her skin felt soft to his touch.
There was nothing soft to cushion the fall.
2. ) usually before noun a soft sound is quiet and pleasant to listen to:
A tape played some soft Neapolitan music.
The engine noise was no more than a soft hum.
a ) a soft light or color is pale, gentle, and pleasant to look at:
Her bedroom was decorated in soft shades of pink and blue.
b ) soft rain, wind, etc. is gentle and not violent:
The soft breeze brought the scent of the roses into the room.
The houses looked pretty in the soft rain.
3. ) kind and sympathetic to other people:
He must have a soft heart beneath that stern exterior.
a ) not strict enough with other people and allowing them to do things they should not do:
You're too soft I wouldn't let them behave like that.
soft on: They accused the minister of being soft on crime.
b ) soft words, looks, or actions are gentle and not severe or angry:
Her soft words did not get a soft reply.
She stared up at him, a soft smile on her face.
4. ) INFORMAL not complicated or not needing a lot of effort:
After losing a couple of soft games, any win was essential.
a soft option (=an easy or pleasant choice): Jamie always goes for the soft option.
5. ) soft water does not contain many natural MINERALS and is easy to use with soap
be going soft (in the head) INFORMAL
to be becoming silly or slightly crazy
have a soft spot for someone
to like someone a lot, even if they do not deserve it
a soft touch INFORMAL
someone who is easily persuaded to do something or give something:
The kids love me because they know I'm a soft touch.
╾ soft|ly adverb:
a softly lit room
He was singing softly to himself.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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